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ComE to tErms with是什么意思

come to terms with 来与 双语对照 词典结果: come to terms with 与…达成协议; 忍受,对待; 例句: 1. --You have to come to terms with reality. ,就必须接受现实。

国内英汉词典,把come to terms with 译成达成协议、妥协等,是不准确的。The current leadership has not entirely come to terms with this history, 可译为:现任的领导层还没能完全接受这段历史。

come to terms with 与…达成协议; 忍受,对待; 例句: 1. Vigils and church services were held across norway on sunday as the shocked country tried to come to terms with the tragedy. 周日,挪威全国上下举行了守夜和教堂悼念的活动,震...

1.come to terms with 与…达成协议; 忍受,对待 整句翻译:菲尔普斯说,现在他有点不知所措,需要时间来看待自己所取得的奥运成绩的意义,然后开始迈入人生的下一个阶段。 2. travelers' shots 旅客们的脸色(气色) 有了你的上下文情景,就好...


正确原句:He was the only person I knew who had come to terms with himself and the world around him. 解释: 他是我认识的唯一一个能够让自己跟周围世界达成妥协的人。 词义:come to terms with 是 使...妥协、接受 意思实际就是唯一一个...

人生的完整性还在于一个人知道如何面对他的缺陷, 勇敢地放下他的现实的幻想而又不以此为缺憾!

He doesn't come to terms with poverty.或 It is hard for him to come to terms with poverty.

翻译是: Mr. Jones used to be a millionaire, he is not willing to accept poverty. 解释: millionaire 英[ˌmɪljəˈne...


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