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Do you think it is

do you think是插入语; 如果在疑问句中,do you think紧跟在疑问词/短语之后,且其后的成分采用了陈述句序的话,此时它就是插入语。 如:How old do you think she is?你认为它有多大? 翻译时的语序是 Do you think how old is she? 因此,这...


Do you think it is important to be on time? I think it is very important.If your friend and you is going to hiking,you are late and you must be very shame. If you always do so,your friend will far from you and you will feel sor...

Do you think it necessary for us to learn to wait? 这是个固定表达,死规矩的用法,没什么好疑问的。 I find it hard for me to express myself earnestly. somebody find /think it +adj. +for somebody +to do something 这是个固定表达,...

Yes, I do. No, I don't. 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

跟问你同意不同意是一个问题。。甭管它~ (问问题的童鞋。。2楼回答的跟你问的一点关系都没有。。详细有个P用。。。) 这种问题就跟问 do u agree or disagree 是一样的 结构也一样。。属于argument题型。。一边倒或者两方都讨论。。

do you think it is suitable for you use cellphon 你认为使用手机是合适的 Recently,there has been a fierce debate on whether middle school students should be allowed to take cellphones with them . Some students are in favor of it...

你好 前面这个句子是对的 do you think是一个插入语句 后面应该接一个陈述句,如果省略,那么句子将变为how much is it,,希望你能理解并 记住


如果把do you think看作插入语,就应该是what (do you think ) it is ? what (do you think ) is it?这种说法绝对是错误的。


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