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填 They're 即 look at the shoes, they're white.

厚颜无耻的来回答一下这个问题... 这个夏天我在Clifford Chance的新加坡办公室做HR/Paralegal ...

White shoe firm is a phrase used to describe the leading firms in America, particularly firms that have been in existence for more than a ...

white shoe 白鞋 white shoe [美国俚语]典型的常春藤联盟名牌大学生;具有常春藤联盟名牌大学生态度和外表

白鞋 white 白色的 shoe 鞋子 鞋子两双 所以复数shoes

十九世纪美国流行的一句祝酒词"Here's to the lady in the white shoes: she'll steal all your money, she'll drink all your booze. She ain't got a cherry, but that ain't no sin, 'cuz she's still got the box that the cherry came in!"

. Does John have white shoes? Yes, he does. No, he doesn't. 第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳, 如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

How much are

A 试题分析:句意:——你喜欢这些白色的鞋吗?——喜欢,我买了。them他们,宾格; they 他们, 主格; it 它,主格和宾格; its 它的,形容词性物主代词,作定语;代指these white shoes应用复数,故排除CD两项;因做动词take的宾语,故用代词the...

C 试题分析:句意:——那双白色的鞋很漂亮。我能试穿一下吗?——当然可以。代替The white shoes复数名词,故用代词them.当人称代词作为短语动词+副词的宾语时,人称代词位于动词和副词之间。故选C。


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